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Whether you rely on staff doing the "right thing" and pay them the same every week, or grapple with checking time cards or time sheets, you'll benefit from the Zipnet low cost electronic Time and Attendance solutions.

Our solutions are very easy to use. Staff members are issued with a barcoded card or an IDTag that fits on their keyring. To clock in or out they slide their card along the slot in the ZipNet Terminal, or touch their IDTag to the front of the Terminal. To keep things simple there are no buttons to push, minimising staff training.
The Zipnet terminals work in conjunction with the Timesheet express software to create a hassle free Time and Attendance solution.
Zipnet is also available as a GSM unit for remote or temporary sites.

Integrates with Timesheet express Time and attendance package
Easy to Install
No complex wiring required
No complex programming
Cost Effective
One initial setup cost. No ongoing expenses