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TimeSheet Express
An almost instant solution to tracking staff Time and Attendance. TimeSheet Express uses the ZipNet Terminal for the collection of staff clock in and clock out times, Express doesn’t require the time consuming definition and maintenance of Shift Profiles. Instead time data is processed by a few simple rules, then presented in an easy to comprehend visual display. Editing, if required, is easily carried out, and a full range of Reports is available. Export to popular Payroll Programs is easily achieved with optional Export Modules. Combine Express with the new "Direct Download" option for the second generation ZipNet, and same day installation and results are possible. TimeSheet Express is available for trial download and will run on Windows XP and Vista

Key benefits
Installed and running within a day. Allows you to recoup the investment even quicker.

‘Sound Activation’ option for the Terminal, allowing signals such as lunch start and end to be sounded under the control of TimeSheet Express.

The entire process from an employee clocking in to paying your employees can be automated using an optional payroll export module.

‘Auto Highlight’ uses colour to automatically highlight an employee’s hours if they are more or less than expected

Integrates with most payroll systems
Easy to Install
No complex programming needed, install 'out of the box'
Cost Effective
recoup your costs from day one.
Remote Access
GSM and modem connectivity
up to 31 units can be daisychained over up to 1.2km of cable on an industrial standard RS485 Network.