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Time and Attendance
In tough economic conditions your business can make more profit by either making more sales, or cutting costs. With Employee payroll as probably the major business cost it makes sense to use the best time and attendance solution possible. Most businesses will save 5% on their payroll by eliminating the basic payroll mistakes. improved employee efficiency can increase the savings further. Whilst employee payroll fraud can be virtually eliminated.
Midasoft offers a choice of scalable systems;


Time and Attendance
Whether you have less than 5 employees or more than 1,000, BioScan T&A can capture employees worked time, track activity, log jobs, control access, audit use and prevent unauthorized and fraudulent entry by anyone. Using finger based biometric technology means the elimination of costly ID cards, punch or Bundy cards enabling a fast return on investment.
Fully Standalone or Networked via Ethernet TCP/IP, WiFi or USB.
Supports external Bar Code reader for Job Costing
Large LCD including backlighting & Backlit Keypad
Utilizes Radio Frequency Scanning Technology
Records and saves 21,500 transactions
2000 Standard memory templates and up to 64,000 templates optionally.


BioClock offers the user a simple, easy to use, replacement for any traditional paper or card based bundy clock or electromechanical time clock.

BioClock is a complete kit including all that is needed to self install and commission a computerised time management system.
BioClock allows outdoor and indoor use, provides you absolute proof of your employees’ attendance, eliminates employee time creep and salary abuse from the workplace immediately after it is installed.

Zipnet terminal

The rugged ZipNet Terminal is a cost effective base for networked time and attendance applications. Staff clock in and out with the simple touch of a rugged, waterproof IDTag, or slide of a barcoded card. Up to 31 units can be networked on up to 1.2lm of low cost cable.Data is then stored, time stamped, in non volatile memory, awaiting collection by the host computer at its convenience. When polled the ZipNet downloads its data, and synchronises its clock to that of its host.

The ZipNet is built tough. Its attractive appearance conceals thick ABS plastic walls, with back and side reinforcement in stainless steel.

See what your staff are doing from any internet connection, including a mobile phone! BioWeb is a fully integrated, enterprise wide, secure web based access control and time management solution that makes complex rostering and time keeping requirements simple.
Monitoring and processing time and attendance has never been easier. BioWeb was designed to reduce complex administration tasks across the whole business and add significant value to the bottom line.
A manager can remotely view their absent, present & expected Staff and plan for unexpected absences. Managing overtime, exception & authorisations on a daily basis before posting to payroll reduces issues on a wage run. The system automatically accounts for award based overtime, premiums, allowances and rates.
BioWeb allows for a scalable solution that can grow with your business, and will operate across multiple timezones and countries. Click here for more details

Timesheet Express

If you want an "instant" solution to tracking staff Time and Attendance, you might wish to consider TimeSheet Express V3. Express uses a ZipNet Terminal or FingerScan Terminal for the collection of staff clock in and clock out times. Data is processed by a few simple rules, then presented in an easy to comprehend visual display. Editing, if required, is easily carried out, and a full range of Reports are available. Export to popular Payroll Programs is easily achieved with optional Export Modules.

Save costs with flexible and scalable time and attendance solutions from Midasoft.