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Student Attendance Monitoring System (SAMS)

The Student Attendance Monitoring System (SAMS) is a specially developed program, which utilises state of the art swipe card technology to keep track of individual student attendance and to generate and collate attendance information in a variety of formats. Since 1993, the program has continued to be upgraded, with input from the wide range of schools working with the program on a daily basis.

SAMS has shown that overall student attendance improves dramatically with the psychological change in attitude by students as well as demonstrating teaching time savings of up to 20 minutes per teacher per day.

SAMS is compatible with OASIS, MAZE, SCHOLAS, EdSAS, SIMS etc., is user friendly and automates many reports that are presently handled manually. This allows administrators to confidently produce all the government required school reports including daily Roll marking, Absentee lists & Authorisation slips.

SAMS works using the Student’s ID number in barcode form either on a card or pre-printed class lists. Equipment consists of specifically engineered inexpensive yet durable wall mounted 'ClassNet' card readers, linked either directly to any stand alone PC or networked workstation or as a stand alone reader whose data can be manually downloaded into a small 'Data Tag'. Data can also be collected via hand-held readers for external activities such as sports periods or excursions, for downloading directly into the PC via the tag.

SAMS offers a number of options which can operate concurrently including:

  • Roll Call Lists - Printed barcode lists, where only absentees are noted. The list is barcode ‘zapped’ in seconds to update reports.
  • Monitor Screens - With keyboard and barcode wedge readers attached, which when swiped, records the student’s in & out times and shows any individual and broadcast messages by staff on the screen. Perfect for Yrs 11 & 12.
  • ClassNet Readers -  Barcode readers strategically placed throughout the school or in every classroom will automatically record arrival and departure times when swiped by students.

Key benefits
SAMS will produce late-arrival & early-leaver authorisation slips with a small impact or laser receipt printer.

Notify Parents / guardians of unexplained absence via SMS

SAMS automatically provides many reports including: - Letters to parents, Absence summaries (partial/late/unexplained), Student history, Austudy, HSLO, Class Rolls, Census etc

  Download a presentation by clicking here.

Import medical info from OASIS into SAMS
Period x Period lists of every CLASS for every teacher for every school day
Automatically detects late arrivals
Unexplained absent, truant and late letter generation
Excursions (Medical details)
Export attendance information
Adaptable and expandable