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In the distant past, school and classes were rigidly structured. A simple hand written roll was enough to account for attendance. Today schools work to a more flexible and frenetic model. At the same time, safety  concerns and legal liability have put the onus on school administrators to know where any student is, at any time. The old roll systems simply won't meet modern needs. ASP's ClassNet Terminal provides a simple, cost effective solution, transferring the attendance recording task from the class teacher to the attending students. One swish of their barcoded library card by the student entering the class and their attendance is recorded - in a fraction of the time it takes to call a roll. Terminals may be network wired back to the  administration computer. Alternatively wiring can be avoided by periodically transferring data from terminal to administration in a tiny DataTag (this and card scanning are shown in the Terminal photograph). Once at administration data can be analysed by software as simple as a spreadsheet, alternatively it can be used by more sophisticated third party attendance software. Either way the workload of administrators is reduced.

Although practice has not indicated this to be a problem, "buddy scanning" security is built in to the Terminals, allowing teachers to signal a mismatch of head count to ClassNet's ID card count.

Australian Made
ASP is a long established all Australian company designing and manufacturing unique products. This ensures we have the capability to integrate our  hardware with your software, that any problems or queries are speedily dealt with, and parts or additional units are always close on hand.

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Key benefits
Classnet will produce late-arrival & early-leaver authorisation slips with a small impact or laser receipt printer.

Notify Parents / guardians of unexplained absence via SMS

Automatically provides many reports including: - Letters to parents, Absence summaries (partial/late/unexplained), Student history, Class Rolls, Census etc

Import medical info from OASIS into Classnet
Units can be wall mounted or a portable scanner device used.
Automatically detects late arrivals
Unexplained absent, truant and late letter generation
Export attendance information
Adaptable and expandable