The Time and attendance solutions specialists

After many years of perfecting Time and Attendance solutions it was recognised that there was a need for a Secure Browser based package designed for SME.
BioWeb is a simple method of performing rostering and time keeping, it easily deals with variations in grace & rounding rules, rosters, award conditions, pay codes, premiums and overtime. It automatically raises exceptions for irregular time-clocking, converts raw employee time verifications into payroll times via BioWeb's work-rules engine, and produces customisable reports using industry-standard packages. bioWeb also allows planning of staff rosters with fixed and rotating formats, to allow the right staff to be present at the times desired.
Customers using the system have shown dramatic cost savings by eliminating;
Errors in the rounding up of hours worked,
Buddy Punching (where someone clocks in/out for another employee using his or her traditional paper time (Bundy) card or other type of card (including magnetic -stripe and proximity cards)
Mistakes in transferring data to payroll,
Miscalculation of award and overtime rates.

Key benefits
Browser based system that can be accessed by authorised users from any internet connection.

Interfaces with the BioClock, BioLock, BioScan and other fingerprint, card, key and PIN capture devices.

Managers can view their present & expected Staff, and plan for unexpected absences. On a daily basis managers can approve exceptions to planned attendance, including award based Overtime, premiums, allowances, before payroll Integration.

BioWeb can reduce complex administration tasks across the whole business and will add significant value to the bottom line.

Managers can;
View staff absent, staff present, exceptions that require authorisation for previous day, outstanding exceptions & authorisations.
Integrates with BioScan and existing key and card systems. Outputs to all payroll packages. Controls access to premises.
Easy to Install
PC based and accessible via web browser.
Cost Effective
Exceptional ROI