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"...this system is saving our company thousands each year"
An affordable out of the box, complete fingerprint kit solution for secure electronic labour tracking, access control and time & attendance.
BioClock offers the user a simple, easy to use, replacement for any traditional paper or card based bundy clock or electromechanical time clock. BioClock is a complete kit including all that is needed to self install and commission a computerised time management system. BioClock allows outdoor and indoor use, provides you absolute proof of your employees’ attendance, eliminates employee time creep and salary abuse from the workplace immediately after it is installed.
The BioClock solution is unique in that it offers integrated access control and complete employee attendance management. Any BioClock device can act as an access point reader for any door or access point.

Key benefits
Manage all aspects of employee time and attendance. Payroll interfaces areavailable to automate the transfer of hours and work
records to Payroll software

Remove buddy punching and employee clock-in card swapping. Next-generation radio-frequency scanning sees through dirt, calluses and skin blemishes to the real fingerprint below.

Make better decisions based on real time accurate information.  Weekly, daily or time specific exception and simple management reports, Real time log view of activity.

Save money by reducing overtime creep, employee fraud, reduce direct payroll expenses, no more punch cards and service technicians.

Upgrade options include;  backup battery, Power over ethernet, USB & Wi-Fi.

A full suite of software allows integration to payroll packages.

A rugged, waterproof design to IP65 with no moving parts.

Single units or can be easily networked to a PC for multiple access door control. Integrates easily ethernet, weigand, relay output.

Enter a door faster than using a key or a card and clock-on simultaneously.

Operating temperature 0 - 50C (32 - 122F)
Waterproof IP65, 75mm x 105mm x 27mm (W x H X D)
Power: 6VDC - 18VD @ <300mA 
Available colours: Gloss chrome (silver) or matt black
Integrates with existing key and card systems
Access to business and industrial locations
Residential access Vehicle and machine control
Gate and barrier control
Easy to Install
No complex wiring required
No complex programming
Cost Effective
One initial setup cost. No ongoing expenses
Remote Access
 Ethernet, 10BaseT, RS485, Wi-Fi, USB