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Secure access  - for total peace of mind
Fingerprints can't be copied, stolen or lost.
Key fob and swipe card units like the Zipnet terminal are an excellent method of logging employee attendance. But cards and ID tags can be lost or stolen, allowing non-authorised use. Passwords and PIN combinations can be passed along or copied. For total security and access control to ASIO tier 4 standards you need a Biometric solution. Midasoft recommends the only Bio recognition system that uses RF (Radio Frequency) scanning technology. This allows the sensor to read beneath the surface to the live layer of skin where the real fingerprint resides. Dryness, calluses, water, oil or dirt are not a problem as the Australian designed, patented sensor technology assures that an accurate fingerprint image is acquired. Biometrics eliminates the ongoing cost of producing security cards and keys and their reissuing if lost or damaged. Do not settle for inferior imitations.
Midasoft offers a choice
Stand-alone or Multi-site
Web Enabled
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If you are serious about providing secure access control, you need to install BioLock+.
Able to secure offices, factories, childcare, schools, gates and barriers, car parks, lifts,residential and vehicles.
A rugged, waterproof design to IP65 with no moving parts.
Single units or can be easily networked to a PC for multiple door control.
Integrates with existing key and card systems via Wiegand or simple relay
Full audit logging of door entries.
remote access via built-in web-server and ethernet.
BioScan Security

A biometric unit designed specifically for Physical Access Control & Security. Utilizing the latest Radio Frequency (RF) biometric technology, BioScan can monitor, control & audit access to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent entry to any room, building or IT network.
Fully Standalone or Networked via Ethernet TCP/IP.
Optional Prox, Mifare, Smart Card Readers can be mounted Internally.
Large LCD including backlighting & Backlit Keypad.
Wiegand Support In and Out & flexible configuration via on screen menu
Records and saves 21,500 transactions.
2000 Standard memory templates and up to 64,000 templates optionally.

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