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Solutions that save you thousands of dollars each year and free you from time and attendance, access and asset tracking worries.

Everybody wants their business to increase profits. Midasoft can show you how to do it, with the added benefit of increased security. By using the latest time and attendance and security technology, Midasoft can show businesses how to save around 5% on payroll costs, and show schools how to cut absenteeism.
This is what one of the business owners said about the results of a recent time and attendance system implementation;

“It was really surprising in that we found that most factory staff were really only present for 6 hours rather than 8. Within a week we had reconfigured our rosters such that production staff would stay on and complete the cleaning, completely eliminating our need for us to use the external cleaning contractors. The system paid for itself within the first month”

Businesses and educational institutions have elected to use security and time and attendance software packages that Midasoft supplies. They are designed to save time and money by removing the weekly manual process involved in completing employee payroll. Your business can eliminate the headaches of keeping time sheets with the added convenience of integrating time and attendance of employees from automated collectors such as time clocks and Bundy clocks. If you are looking to ensure your staff are on-site when they are rostered, then we can supply a simple method of performing rostering and time keeping that will save you money and prevent employee salary abuse and fraud in the workplace.

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The best solutions available
Midasoft supplies the best soltutions available for your particular needs.

The Return on investment for business is excellent. Imagine saving between 3 - 5% on your payroll, and making payroll more efficient by reducing the paperwork.

Used by Offices, factories, hotels, retail stores. An application for every business.

Educational establishments can tackle issues such as truancy and custodial permission. To a period by period level, our electronic attendance system (that is OASIS, Cases21 & EDSAS compatible) will automatically detect late arrivals / early leavers, export attendance information, record student attendance, unexplained absence , generate truant and late arrival SMS and letters.

Time and Attendance
Choose from the best time and Attendance solutions available. Integrate into existing payroll systems with ease.
Increase efficiency by eliminating paperwork and manual verification. Business owners and Managers can see who is working and who is missing.  Deal with problems before they become issues.
Your staff will Know that payroll will be accurate and account for the time that they were present. Eliminate employee fraud such as 'buddy clocking' and shift creep.
A modern time and attendance system will account for awards, penalty rates and overtime. Make sure that your business is using permanent and casual staff resources more efficiently.

Security for businesses and schools
Choose from the best
Our product range is rated amongst the best in the world, it includes;
  • the “Most Innovative Security Product” at the 2008 Annual Security Summit held in San Diego, USA.
  • ASIO (Australian Securities and Intelligence organisation) T4 security accreditation.
  • Used by the NSW state government Department of corrective services and by the NSW Police department ARBS (automated bail reporting system) Approved for use in childcare centres.

Comply with OH&S
Ensure that staff can only access premises when they are supposed to. Record which staff were on-site at any particular time and have the ability to show personalised messages. opened doors and gates. Choose between Biometric fingerprint readers, swipe cards, button tags or proximity readers. Satisfy your compliance requirements to the following standards; RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in certain electrical and electronic equipment ), ESD (Environmentally Sustainable Design), SCEC (The Security Construction and Equipment Committee)